Travel Diaries

Travel Diaries are usually required for trips which include private travel days however you may also be required to complete a travel diary for every international trip or other reasons as determined by your organisation's travel policy.  

If you are required to complete a travel diary, a red calendar icon will appear on your 'Trip Plans' page.Clicking on the icon will take you into a calendar showing the dates of your trip in a weekly view. Clicking within the day you wish to add an entry for, a pop up box will allow you to add the detail behind the appointments for your trip.

Users can add a single diary entry to cover multiple days by ticking the all day box and selecting an end date and are able to also enter time-based entries which may overlap day events.  

In order to complete and finalise a travel diary, there must be a diary entry for each day of the trip, including travel days.

Once the diary has been completed in full, the FINALISE button will activate and then clicked to confirm that diary is complete. Notes:  The platform can be configured (by Administrators) to send reminders to travellers to complete their travel diary if the diary has not been finalised after a specific time period following a travellers' return.  The traveller will received a email reminder with a link to action the request.  If, after a number of reminders, a travel diary has not been finalised, a notifications will be sent to the travellers' approver and a finance team member for further follow up.

For further support you can view the following video, Video - Managing Travel Diaries.

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